Testimonials Help Young Customers Make Purchases

You know how it was always really hard to take advice from your parents, but it was easier to listen to strangers? If mom told you an outfit didn’t look good, you wouldn’t believe her. But if someone in the dressing room at the department store made a similar comment, you couldn’t get out of […]

What An Old Hotel Can Teach Us About New Marketing Tools

On a recent business trip to Chicago, I stayed at a hotel that was perfectly nice.  The lobby was open and airy, albeit a bit dated; the room was comfortable, even though it was smaller than most these days; and the bathroom served its purpose, but was definitely showing signs of years of wear. And […]

A Lesson From A Crock Pot

Last weekend, my husband and I hosted a dinner party.  It was a Caribbean potluck.  One couple brought beans and rice, one brought coconut chicken, one brought pork dumplings.  All brought a Crock Pot.  We had made sausage and peppers with mango sauce.  It, too, was being kept warm by a Crock Pot. Crock Pots […]

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