Who's Campaigning For Your Business?

I’ve learned a lot from watching TV recently.  Republicans hate Democrats. Democrats hate Republicans. We all hate taxes and airline fees, and half of us hate Kim Kardashian. But I digress… back to those crazy politicians. In the midst of all of that hating, there are important lessons to be learned: Sometimes you can motivate […]

Testimonials Help Young Customers Make Purchases

You know how it was always really hard to take advice from your parents, but it was easier to listen to strangers? If mom told you an outfit didn’t look good, you wouldn’t believe her. But if someone in the dressing room at the department store made a similar comment, you couldn’t get out of […]

What Your Business Can Learn From Football

I recently saw an interview with Roger Goodell, the hated yet revered commissioner of the National Football League. Whether or not you agree with his handling of player fines or contract negotiations, you cannot deny his influential role with one of the biggest brands in the United States today. The NFL is an economic machine […]

How To Make A Good Video Apology

“It’s not what you said, it’s the way you said it.” That admonition from my mom echoes in my mind even today, decades after I heard it for the first time. I learned when I was very young that while my words have meaning, my tone and body language could mean the difference between having […]

What An Old Hotel Can Teach Us About New Marketing Tools

On a recent business trip to Chicago, I stayed at a hotel that was perfectly nice.  The lobby was open and airy, albeit a bit dated; the room was comfortable, even though it was smaller than most these days; and the bathroom served its purpose, but was definitely showing signs of years of wear. And […]

How Much Online Video Do We Watch?

If you build it, they will come.  And if you post it, they will watch. That seems to be the finding of new research from Arbitron and Edison Research.  The groups talked to more than two thousand people over the age of 12 to learn what we watch, and where we watch it.  Among the […]

A Lesson From A Crock Pot

Last weekend, my husband and I hosted a dinner party.  It was a Caribbean potluck.  One couple brought beans and rice, one brought coconut chicken, one brought pork dumplings.  All brought a Crock Pot.  We had made sausage and peppers with mango sauce.  It, too, was being kept warm by a Crock Pot. Crock Pots […]


Since 2008, the world has been atwitter.  People tweeting, people following, people posting links and pictures and announcements and hashtags to draw attention to their posts. #payattentiontome! Here’s the problem… SO many people are tweeting SO many things, you have to question who is really listening.  When Twitter started, the few people on it were […]

Buy American, Charlotte!

This blog is supposed to be about communications and marketing strategies for businesses, but I’m going off on a bit of a tangent this morning. However, read on to see how this could help local businesses reach an audience: Has anyone else been watching ABC’s series Made In America?  It’s on World News Tonight this […]

Feb 172011

When people ask what I do, I keep my message simple, similar to the one on the front page of this website: I help you figure out your message, I help you figure out who needs to hear it, and then together we work to make that happen.  It’s Communications 101.  And too often, in […]

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