What's impressive today will be expected tomorrow.

On a recent business trip to Chicago, I stayed at a hotel that was perfectly nice.  The lobby was open and airy, albeit a bit dated; the room was comfortable, even though it was smaller than most these days; and the bathroom served its purpose, but was definitely showing signs of years of wear. And the internet was… well, I don’t know how the internet was because (even though it would have been a business expense) I wasn’t willing to pay $10 for what would have amounted to two waking hours of internet access.

I left this hotel not thinking about the fact that I got a decent night’s sleep or was able to take a hot shower before leaving for my shoot; instead, what stuck with me was all the needed upgrades, and the idea that something I’ve come to expect as an included amenity at hotels catering to business travelers was not included.

So why am I telling you about this?  If your website is stagnant, or if your marketing plans haven’t evolved, they might have a lot in common with this hotel. They’re still giving your customers the basics they need, but they’re not doing much else. And while today it might be just fine to have a website without video, or a marketing plan without a social media presence (or a business hotel that doesn’t include internet access),  in a few years that’s not going to fly.

Fifty years ago, hotels advertised they had televisions. Forty years ago, they advertised they had color televisions. Thirty years ago, they advertised they had cable televisions. Alas, what was once something to brag about soon became expected.  Make sure your website and your marketing plans stay in bragging territory.  After all, what’s impressive today will be expected tomorrow.

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