Last weekend, my husband and I hosted a dinner party.  It was a Caribbean potluck.  One couple brought beans and rice, one brought coconut chicken, one brought pork dumplings.  All brought a Crock Pot.  We had made sausage and peppers with mango sauce.  It, too, was being kept warm by a Crock Pot.

Crock Pots have been around since 1971.  For awhile, they were considered “uncool,” devices our parents used to make pot roast.  But then, a new generation started to realize how functional these appliances truly are.  We got over all the newer gadgets (insulated baking pans, Snap-lock containers, etc.) and went back to a basic that works.

So how does this apply to marketing, and to video marketing?  There are plenty of gadgets you can use in your kitchen, just as there are plenty of gadgets you can use in your marketing plan.  But rather than using gadgets for gadget’s sake, shouldn’t you use what works?  We go back to the Crock Pot not because it’s cool or impressive or everyone else is doing it; we use the Crock Pot because it works.

Figure out what gadgets work in your marketing plan.  Don’t lose sight of those as new, cool things come along.  Realize that telling your story needs to be at the center of everything you do, be it a video or a newsletter or a social media campaign.  Always ask yourself these three questions: What is my message?  Who needs to hear it?  How do I make that happen?

Don’t be afraid to try the new, cool thing.  But don’t lose sight of the storytelling and other tools that have worked for you for years.  It’s time to dust off that Crock Pot.

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