Since 2008, the world has been atwitter.  People tweeting, people following, people posting links and pictures and announcements and hashtags to draw attention to their posts. #payattentiontome!

Here’s the problem… SO many people are tweeting SO many things, you have to question who is really listening.  When Twitter started, the few people on it were following only a handful of people apiece.  Then the Follower Race started, and it became trendy to follow the people following you.  So, numbers of followers ballooned to dozens, then hundreds, then thousands.  The upshot?  Many people are following more people than they could ever pay attention to.

Every once in awhile, I see a tweet that reinforces that.  For instance, ABC meteorologist Sam Champion (@samchampion) has 37,809 followers.  He often tweets pictures, either from viewers or from the Good Morning America set.  When these are sent out as Twitpics, clicking on the link lets you not only view the picture but see how many people have also viewed it.  One picture Sam tweeted this morning had been viewed 67 times after more than half an hour.  Another picture?  Nine views.

So what’s the point?  If it were your business, those 67 views would be great.  However, you likely don’t have 37,809 followers.  This does not mean that you should give up tweeting, but it does mean that you should temper your expectations.  If five people check out a link you post, great!  If 10 people check it out, even better!  But don’t expect hundreds of your followers to drop what they’re doing to check out what you’re doing.  After all, they’re following hundreds or thousands of other people as well.

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