I heard a great compliment from a client today, and it had nothing to do with my work.  Nothing to do with the finished product, at least.  This is a new client.  We completed our first shoot yesterday, and they’ll be getting rough cuts of their project in the next few days.  Then, I hope they’ll be complimenting the video work itself.  But of course I’m not expecting that until I deliver.

Today, however, I got this feedback from the shoot (and this isn’t an exact quote… I wasn’t recording the conversation!): “Everyone involved in the shoot yesterday told the CEO how good an experience it was.  It wasn’t the hassle they thought it might be, and they can’t wait to see the clips!”

I love hearing things like that from clients.  I shoot video all the time, so I know what it takes to pull off a video shoot.  However, if you’ve only been around the occasional video camera, video can seem like a huge (figurative) headache.  And if you think you’re camera-shy and you have someone telling you to do an interview, that might result in a huge (literal) headache.  So when I am able to go to a location, shoot multiple interviews with eager and not-so-eager participants, and leave with good video and happy clients, I am happy too.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Getting there is half the fun.”  With video production, it should be fun!  It should also be relaxed, easy and productive.  If I can deliver that to my clients, along with quality finished pieces that meet their objectives, I’ll know I’ve done my job.

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