Feb 172011

When people ask what I do, I keep my message simple, similar to the one on the front page of this website: I help you figure out your message, I help you figure out who needs to hear it, and then together we work to make that happen.  It’s Communications 101.  And too often, in a big world crowded with communication channels from social media to smoke signals, that simple reasoning is lost.

I often speak to clients and potential clients now who are very interested in one single communication channel or another: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, television advertising.  Before I even begin to tell them how to best use whatever channel they’ve approached me about, I tell them we have to determine to whom they’re talking.

The great thing about media being so diverse is it gives businesses and non-profits excellent, cost-efficient ways to get in touch with the clients and donors they’re trying to reach.  However, those groups need to determine WHO they’re trying to reach, and then bring their message to the channels those people are already monitoring.

My point: Don’t put your business on Twitter just because everyone else is doing it.  Don’t post coupons on Facebook just because you think you should.  Determine who you need to reach, and then figure out where those people are.  You might use different channels for different parts of your marketing campaign.  You might realize one channel doesn’t work for you as well as others.  This information will be invaluable to your business, and finding answers to these questions up front will save you plenty of money and time down the road.

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