10 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing Plans


Video can be SO much more than URL’s on YouTube or content on your website.  How you should use video goes back to the answer of Basic Question numbers 2: WHO needs to hear it (your message)?; and 3: HOW do I make that happen?

If you are announcing a new product, and you think the most likely buyers of this product are your current customers who will want to upgrade, then get your message directly to those customers. Email it straight to them, or include it in an online newsletter.

If you are sharing your message with trade show attendees, perhaps you create a video to play at the show, and a separate one to email to the contacts you make at the show after everyone’s gone home.  Video can reinforce your message, and makes follow-up easy.

If you want to showcase your involvement with a community group, and you want to target both supporters of that group and your clients, posting a video to Facebook and YouTube would make it easy for people who you know and who you might not know to access the video and share it with their friends.

Looking for a way to brag about a partnership while providing a little value-added for your partner?  Create a video to use on your website, and then, with slight tweaks, provide a professional video for your partner to use on their site.

Do you want your video to convince people to make a big decision?  Where to live?  What school to attend?  Provide them with a DVD to share with the important people in their lives.

If you want to target potential clients by sharing current client testimonials, you could include these clips in marketing presentations or include them in your blog.  When a potential client sees a satisfied one who shares their goals or concerns, it’s easier for them to envision you being their solution, too!

ENERGIZED Media Relations will work with you to answer the Basic Questions, and determine exactly how video should be used to best meet your goals.

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