10 Steps For Making A Great Video


Whether you hire ENERGIZED Media Relations to make or help with your video, or you decide to go it entirely alone, keep these things in mind:

  1. Before you even think about picking up a camera or scheduling a shoot, answer the Three Basic Questions: WHAT is my message? WHO needs to hear it?  HOW do I make that happen?
  2. Determine who (interviews) or what (b-roll) best tells your story
  3. Make an outline (NOT A SCRIPT) for your video.  The key is to determine what elements you need to collect, not exactly how you will tell your story.
  4. Figure out when those elements will be the most easily accessible.  Make sure these dates are well in advance of your deadline; editing/post-production always takes longer than you think it will.
  5. Plan your shoots, and gather any other needed elements (graphics, still pictures).  Make sure you have the appropriate equipment (camera, microphone, lighting) for the shoot environment.
  6. At the shoot, make sure you have your outline with you.  Check off elements as you collect them.
  7. Shoot more than you ever think you’ll need.  Video never covers as much as you think it will!
  8. When editing, stick to your message.  If any of what you shot begins to stray from that message, don’t use it.
  9. Keep it short.  You think your video is the best thing EVER.  But people in your target audience have lives outside of watching your video.  Respect their time.
  10. Making a video is only half the answer to the last question.  You’ve figured out HOW to get your message across, but if nobody watches, what good is it?  Don’t forget your plans to get your message to your target audience; maybe that’s email, maybe it’s YouTube, maybe it’s your blog or website.  Whatever it is, don’t drop the ball on this!
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