10 Video Tips


Consider this your pre-, during-, and post-video checklist.  Consult it early and often.

  1. Have realistic goals.  Your video might go viral, or it might be seen by 100 good prospects. Consider the size of your target audience.  What number do have to reach to feel successful?
  2. Go off-script.  If you memorize a speech, your video will look like you memorized a speech.  Unless your business is based on your ability to memorize speeches, don’t make this the basis of your video.
  3. YOU are one of your business’s best assets.  Let your voice and personality give your business a voice and personality.
  4. Keep it short.  I like to say, America is Short Attention Span Theatre.  Most of the stories you see on the news are :15-:20 long.  Your video doesn’t have to be that short, but 1:30 should be long enough in most cases.
  5. Simplify your message.  State it in a sentence or two.  Anything more, and it’s just noise.
  6. Identify your audience, and make your video for them.  A CEO will not take you seriously if you use cartoon characters.  A homeowner might tune you out if you throw too many facts at them.
  7. Try to make content useful, informative, entertaining or engaging.  Think beyond traditional advertising.  You’ve learned to tune that out, and so have your customers.
  8. Keep content fresh.  Videos have a longer shelf life than, say, a blog entry.  Still, customers and viewers expect you to keep it current.  Plan ahead and shoot multiple videos at one time.  Put a couple out now, and save a couple others for later.
  9. Use marketing data from one source to enhance other marketing channels.  Web data shouldn’t just be used for your website.
  10. Use analytics to determine what people are responding to in your marketing campaigns.  Change accordingly.
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